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Is Private Student Loan Debt Consolidation Bad News For Borrowers?


Student Loan Debt And High Finance
If you have got private student loan debt consolidation on your mind, you need to know the truth!

Usually when a high school student pursues a college education, they aren’t educated in the ways of the world of high finance.

In most case, neither are their parents.

Consequently, many develop a trust of student loan lenders.

That trust usually remains until the payments are due and the WHAM, the truth sets in.

Please note, by no means am I attempting to alarm you.

My only objective is to get you to see the light concerning private student loans and particularly private student loan debt consolidation.

We get a number of questions from graduates and students concerning this matter.

They want to know the ins and outs of consolidating their student loans on a private level.

First and foremost, if you have been paying attention, our country is still in an economic recession.

Although we are fighting our way out, credit difficulties still are stifling high finance. The net result is that a high percentage of financial institutions are not offering private student loan debt consolidation because of the money woes they themselves are facing.

At the moment, there are about three lenders that offer private student loan debt consolidation. Wells Fargo, the Credit Union Student Loan Private Lender and the Student Loan Network Private Loan Consolidation Program. Chase Bank has temporarily suspended their private student loan debt consolidation program until further notice.

Chase Bank Suspends Private Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Maybe they are waiting on the market to rebound, who knows? Also duly note: the number of lenders can change at any time; it could be more and then again, someone else could temporarily drop out of the market.

All this means one thing; when it comes to consolidating your private student loans, you have limited options. Of course some people opt to use their home equity to consolidate, but again, based on today’s economics, that option might not be so appealing.

I shard that to say this, when you were in college, acquiring student loans was almost like playing with Monopoly Money. You logged on to the appropriate website, clicked a few buttons and provided limited personal information and the next thing you knew the check was in the mail.

Acquiring those loans gave many students a false sense of power that they instantly loose once the repayment period starts. At that point, they realize the days of easy student loans are over. The truth is, attempting to consolidate your private student loans in today’s marketplace can be an arduous process.

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As it stands, as we have previously shared, there are currently essentially three lenders who provide these types of loans and their standards can be somewhat nerve wrecking to the average borrower. If your goal is private student loan debt consolidation, take a look at the three and carefully evaluate their terms, fees and guidelines and for goodness sake, read all of the fine print.

Never but never, sign your name to a private student loan debt consolidation until you understand all of the facts. Remember, in most cases, you are agreeing to commit to a new term of twenty to thirty years. That’s a lot of years to pay for a four-year education, wouldn’t you agree? Consequently, you must assess all of your options and make jurisprudent decision.

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