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Financial Aid Acronyms

When it comes to Financial Aid, Student Loans and dealing with the US Department of Education, you will notice a wide ever increasing number of acronyms. To name a few, there is FAFSA, ACT, SAT, FDSLP. Some people look at these terms and go, huh? But the act is, you need to know what they mean if you are going to be successful and obtaining financial aid. To find out more about financial aid and what these acronymes mean, keep reading... 


 The Financial Aid Acronym Guide For Students

  • ACT      American College Testing Program
  • AFDC    Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  • AP        Advanced Placement
  • BIA       Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • CLEP     College-Level Examination Program
  • COA      Cost of Attendance
  • CPS      Central Processing System
  • CSS      College Scholarship Service
  • CWS     College Work-Study
  • ED        US Department of Education
  • EFC       Expected Family Contribution
  • EFT       Electronic Funds Transfer
  • ELO       Expanded Lending Option
  • ESAR     Electronic Student Aid Report
  • ETS      Educational Testing Service
  • FAA      Financial Aid Administrator
  • FAF      Financial Aid Form
  • FAFSA   Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • FAO      Financial Aid Office
  • FAT      Financial Aid Transcript
  • FDSLP   Federal Direct Student Loan Program
  • FFELP    Federal Family Education Loan Program
  • FSEOG   Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • FM        Federal Methodology
  • FWS      Federal Work-Study
  • GPA       Grade Point Average
  • GSL       Guaranteed Student Loan
  • HEAL     Health Education Assistance Loan
  • HHS      US Department of Health and Human Services
  • HPSL     Health Profession Student Loan
  • IM        Institutional Methodology
  • IRA       Individual Retirement Account
  • IRS       Internal Revenue Service
  • ISIR      Institutional Student Information Report
  • MDE      Multiple Data Entry
  • NHSC    National Health Corps Scholarship
  • NMSQT  National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
  • NSL       Nursing Student Loan
  • PC        Parent Contribution
  • PCL       Primary Care Loan
  • PHEAA   Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency
  • PJ         Professional Judgment
  • PLUS     Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
  • PSAT     Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test
  • RA        Research Assistantship
  • ROTC    Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • SAP      Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • SAR      Student Aid Report
  • SAT      Scholastic Assessment Test
  • SC        Student Contribution
  • SEOG    Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • SLMA    Student Loan Marketing Association
  • SLS       Supplemental Loan for Students
  • SSIG     State Student Incentive Grants
  • TA        Teaching Assistantship
  • TOEFL   Test Of English As A Foreign Language
  • USED     US Department of Education
  • VA        Veterans Administration

The Financial Aid Glossary For Students

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