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The folks at the Student Loan Whiz have just made obtaining a college scholarship much easier, by providing you with quality information, hot tips and resources to help you apply for and receive a college scholarship.

It goes without saying that education is becoming more and more expensive as time progresses. Statistics show an average 5% increase every year.

For this reason, a growing number of savvy students are applying for and using college scholarships to supplement their total educational bill. Here are the average costs of a college education for the 2011 school year.

Private four-year $38,553

Public four-year $14,487

As you can see, a student can easily graduate with a whopping student loan bill of over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!

And with the interest rates, these payments aren’t peanuts even if they graduated from law school or medical school.

Some students are simply overwhelmed with the student loan debt after they graduate. That was the bad news…

The good news is; there are numerous corporations, ministries, non-profits, private organizations and agencies that sponsor college scholarship programs. Students and aspiring students can use these scholarships to lower the total cost of their schooling.

The problem is, most students are not familiar on the ways to access information in applying for a college scholarship. Basically, the following are the possible resources you can use in learning the process for scholarship application:

First, you can deploy the search engines using the key phrase college scholarship.

Try to visit the free sites that link to scholarships research websites and databases. This tool is convenient for most as compared to the others sources since this can save both time and money. You can search as site such as Student Loan Whiz and find an abundance of college scholarship information.

You can just simply match your profile to numbers of scholarships where you think you qualify. Another advantage in using the college scholarship search engines is that they are constantly updated. Hence, you can have access to the most recent scholarships, grants and financial aid.

You can also link to the other sources. You can inquire through your local community and civic organizations, as well as in police departments and the local fire department in your area; they might be offering college scholarships.

The majority of the state governments extend financial assistance to in-state students. Hence, you can take advantage of the local assets.

Most often, the best college scholarship programs are offered to students who excel in the fields of math, science, writing, music and of course sports. While most scholarships base their decision on the student’s academic record, character and civic and political involvement, some types of scholarships, such as sports do not require a high GPA. They commonly base the scholarship on the student’s athletic achievements.

Do not expect that you can get the full scholarship by simply directing your time and effort at only one or two particular programs. Keep in mind; applying for a college scholarship is merely a numbers game. So, it is best to apply for more scholarships to be assured that you will succeed in acquiring one or more of them.

After finding your prospective college scholarship programs, you should then learn the process completing the application by reading: “The High School Students Guide To Applying For a College Scholarship

P.S. This free guide is for college students, parents and high school students alike, so don’t let the title fool you!

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