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Get On The Road To Acquiring College Grants!


Will You Graduate College With $100,000.00 In Student Loan Debt?
Whether you are a parent of a student or a student, you probably already know how ever-increasing tuition fees and associated educational costs are literally making paying for college unbearable.

If you track the news, in various states, you will notice that virtually every year, Governors are pushing for tuition increases.

If you don't have a stragety to pay for college aside from student loans, it is possible to graduate with $50k or more in student loan debt.

Some people cringe at the thought of what their educational bill will be in three or four years.

With the average private college costs hovering around $23,710.00; graduating with $100,000.00 in student loan debt is not uncommon.  

Fortunately, various colleges, institutions, organizations, agencies and non-profits recognize the necessities of assisting young minds succeed academically by providing scholarships and college grants to deserving students.

These scholarships and grants literally reduce the costs of attending college.

What Are College Grants?
College grants are similar to scholarships, but unlike student loans.

As you may know, recipients of student loans must repay the money they receive with interest.

Recipients of scholarships and college grants DO NOT have to repay the money, because they are both classified gifts!

What is The Difference Between a Grant and Scholarship?
Once scholarships are granted, (i.e., sports scholarships, music scholarships, academic scholarships, etc.) there is no follow up on the progress of the students. On the other hand, many college grants require a service from the student.

In addition the grantor, (i.e., agency, organization, corporation, non-profit, etc.) that provided the grant generally checks on the progress the student makes and ensures that they are meeting all of the commitments and obligations.

How Much Can I Receive in College Grants?
The amounts can vary, anywhere from $100 to $100,000 and more, depending on the grantor. Some wealthy families have been known to dispense large sums of grant money to students on behalf of causes they believe in and fight for. These funds are designed to assist the students in research and development.

If you are serious about your education, and want to avoid the student loan debt trap, college grants are a wonderful way to fund your educational dreams. At the Student Loan Whiz, we are often amazed at how many students overlook this awesome source of funding. We’ve already stated that grants don’t have to be paid back and you can receive them from a variety of sources.

How Are Grants Awarded?
Grants are generally awarded on a number of factors, namely: academic achievement, financial need, religious affiliation, a student’s ethnicity, association and even special interests.

Where Do I Find College Grants?
The first place to start is searching the website Student Loan Whiz. We are the most comprehensive source on the Internet for: financial aid, federal student loans, private student loans, college grants, college scholarships and student loan consolidation.

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