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Find Money for College


Get Money For College
There are numerous ways to fund your educational dreams and student loans are just one facet.

In this session, we provide you with some great ideas to help you make your educational goals and financial dreams come true.

Find Money For College by using valuable insights from the Student Loan Whiz.

There are numerous ways to fund your educational dreams and student loans are just one facet.

Actually, studet loans should be your final source of financial aid. Just so you know, Student Loan Debt has now taken over credit card debt as the number one debt burden in the United States.

What that means is, may Americans are not being creative when it comes to funding their educational dreams.

In this session, we provide you with some great ideas to help you make your educational goals and financial dreams come true.

Check out our sources, resources and top picks…

With the constant rising costs of education, figuring out how to pay for college, technical school and higher learning can be an overwhelming task for many students and parents.

To make completing your educational goals more affordable, we are releasing our 2011 Find Money For College Resource Guide, free of charge.

Here you will find up to date ideas to obtain money for college. Ideas you can implement right now!

We’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for as we show you were the money. Here are our top thirteen sources for money for college.

  • Family Funded Education
  • Family Planned College Savings
  • Federally Funded Student Loans
  • Fellowships
  • Grants
  • Leveraging
  • Military Service
  • National Service Trust
  • Part Time/Full Time Job
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study Programs
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Private Student Loans

Family Funded Education
First and foremost, you should look to your family, (i.e., parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) to assist you in funding your college education. What family wouldn’t want to help another family graduate from college and go on to become a productive member of society.

Family Planned College Savings
When it comes to planning on money for college, the operative phrase is, “Start early!” That means when your child is born, you should set up a college education fund, strictly for the purpose of your child having money for college.

Federally Funded Student Loans
There are numerous federally backed student loans: Perkins Loans Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Grad PLUS Loans, Private Student Loans and Student loan consolidations. For more information on these loans, go to our Student Loan Types.

Fellowships are a form of financial aid given to graduate students to help support their education. Some fellowships include a tuition waiver or a payment to the university in lieu of tuition. Most fellowships include a stipend to cover reasonable living expenses (e.g., just above the poverty line). Fellowships are a form of gift aid and do not have to be repaid.

Grants are a great source of obtaining money for college because they are gifts and not loans. Check out our grant sources for more information. When it comes to money for college, you should always start with scholarships and grants first.

If a school offers a talented student extra financial aid, regardless of need, the student is more likely to enroll. Leveraging is the controversial practice of figuring out how much it will take to attract such students and customizing aid offers to optimize the quality of the incoming class.

Military Scholarships
Almost all of the US military services offer scholarships and educational financial incentives for enlisting. For some men and women the military affords them money for college, leadership training and travel and as they see it, the risks are well worth the rewards.

National Service Trust
This is President Clinton's national community service program. If you participate in this program before attending school, the funds may be used to pay your educational expenses. If you participate after graduating, the funds may be used to repay your federal student loans. Eligible types of community service include education, human services, the environment and public safety.

Part Time/Full Time Job
In this economy, when money is tight, sometimes a part time or full time job is the only option for some students. If this is the case, seek an employer that is willing to work with your class schedule.

In our era, scholarships make obtaining money for college a debt less experience. The more scholarships a person receives, the less money they have to borrow or work for.

Start Your Own Business
When it comes to raising money for college, this often overlooked resource astounds us. As quiet as it is kept, there are a good percentage of students who pay for their tuition with income they generate from operating their own businesses. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, go for it!

Work Study Programs
Many learning institutions businesses and government agencies have partnered together and offer work study programs to assist students in paying for their tuition. Check with your school’s (FAA) Financial Aid Advisor to learn of any such programs at the schools of your choice.

Private Student Loans
After having tried all of the other sources and you still don’t have the total cost of your education covered, maybe a private student loan is your answer. Go here for more information Private Student Loans.

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