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If you haven’t found the answer to any question, don’t worry; although student loans and financial aid can be confusing, the Student Loan Whiz has some great advice to insure that you never walk away with a blank look on your face. There are certain avenues that if walked down, will literally guarantee that your questions are always answered. Here they are… it would be a good idea to print this page.

For High School Students
If you are still in high school, your high school guidance counselor is an excellent source of information. Many guidance counselors are extremely knowledgeable about financial aid and can point you in the right direction, so pick their brains! Don’t forget to tell them that you’ve been on This way they know you’re serious about your educational goals.

The Financial Aid Administrator
Every school has a Financial Aid Administrator; you should contact the financial aid administrator at the school you plan to attend or are already attending. These individuals are the best source of information for questions regarding your particular circumstances and school-specific financial aid procedures. Make an appointment with them as soon as possible, the sooner the better.


Search The Student Loan Whiz Website

Our website,, covers virtually every aspect of financial aid, from student loans to scholarships and grants. If you’ve asked the question, we’ve most likely already answered it. However, if we haven’t, here are two other sources to get your question(s) answered.


Read Books On Financial Aid

There are a number of great books written on the subject of “Financial Aid.” Because there is a plethora of financial aid options, it would be to your advantage to read a few of these books to get a clear picture of ALL of your options.

Federal Student Aid Information
If all else fails, your final resource is the Federal Student Aid Information Center hotline at 1-800-4-FED-AID, translated to:
1-800-433-3243. The Federal Student Aid Information Center hotline is currently available daytime, evenings and weekends. Still need to contact the Student Loan Whiz? You can reach us at: FinancialAid [ at ]


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