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Get Your College Search Started On The Right Track!

At various times in life we have to search for many things, (i.e., an automobile, car insurance, a place to live, etc.) One of the most potentially tedious searches many of us go through is the college we choose to attend. The college search can easily turn into an overwhelming dilemma unless a student has a roadmap to assist them make the right choices.


When it comes to choosing a college, there are a number of primary factors to consider. Let’s take a brief look at each one:

Your Major
The primary criteria an aspiring student should use in their college search is their major. This is the best place to start your search because it is based on your career path and what you plan on doing with your life. With your major as your guide, your search is greatly reduced because many of the schools that fit other criteria are automatically disqualified due to the fact that they don’t specialize in your major.

For some aspiring and current students, their college search starts with the question, “How far is the college from my home?” For various reasons, (i.e., finances, children, job, health, etc.) they need to be close to their abode. This automatically limits their college search to schools within a certain proximity of where they live.

College Size
The size of the college is a criterion that may not be as important to some, but to others it is vital to their beliefs and educational philosophies. Some students want the personal touch that only a small school can provide. Others choose a large school for various reasons, (i.e., academic standards, sports recognition, scholarship opportunities, etc.)

Cost of Tuition
It goes without saying that the college search starts and ends with the question, “How much will it cost to attend this school?” For many students, the cost of attending a college is the only real consideration. Some online searches allow the students to input values for the amount of tuition they are willing to pay a school. The results of a college search with this criterion can be real eye-opening experience. Therefore, before you proceed any further, always confirm the total cost of tuition and miscellaneous expenses.

Ethnic or Racial Diversity
With some students, the make up of the student body is a critical issue. That is why another one of the college search criterion for some people will be by race and ethnic background. Usually, this information is freely made available menus with percentages of diversity the prospective student wants in a college.

Prestige of the School
Some families and students demand the distinction that comes with attending a prestigious school. There are certain schools, such as Ivy League schools, that garner graduates immediate respect in the political, economic, social, judicial and global circles.

Religious Affiliations
Many students want to know that their faith and religious beliefs systems, or lack thereof will be observed or better yet, celebrated at the school of their choice. Students applying this college search criteria are more apt to have a particular religious college in mind. On the other hand, a non-religious person would be hard pressed to attend a college founded on Christian beliefs.

How a student begans their college search is crucially important. The criteria for college searches are almost as many as there are colleges and universities to choose from. However, all searches and criterion aren’t created equal.

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