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How To Legally Wipe Out Your Student Loan Debt With Student Loan Forgiveness


What is the Student Loan Forgiveness Program?
The Student Loan Forgiveness Program is not just wishful thinking; there really are programs available that will eliminate all or part of your student loans.

Many of these programs aren’t widely advertised and most don’t realize that they qualify to have their student loans literally wiped out.

Take a look at some of these popular student loan forgiveness programs:

Teacher’s Student Loan Forgiveness
The Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness Program rewards teachers with a repayment figure between $5,000 and $17,500.

The goal of this repayment award is to encourage teachers to fill roles that are traditionally short staffed.

After 5 years of service consecutively, teachers with an outstanding Direct Loan or FFEL balance as of October 1988 qualify for a $5,000 repayment of their student loans.

How about this… teachers who share their love of math and science to students in eligible secondary schools with special education needs qualify for the full $17,500 forgiveness.

The key operative phrase is, “sharing their love…” As a teacher or a potential teacher, you will have to be committed to the children and to your craft in order to fulfill the commitment necessary to complete this program.

Head Start Staff Student Loan Forgiveness Program
The trumpets are sounding for more dedicated teachers where children are most impressionable; at the head start level. If you don’t know this already, head Start was originally designed to help kids from low-income families gain the necessary skills needed to enter kindergarten.

Volunteers who help to make this vision a reality are rewarded by a generous student loan forgiveness plan. The state government will repay a borrower’s student loan at a rate of 15% per year until the loan is completely paid in full.

Nurses and Medical Technicians Student Loan Forgiveness Program
If you’ve been paying attention to the health job market, then you know about the shortages we are facing with no real solution in sight.

Due to this shortfall, there are several student loan forgiveness programs targeted at medical professionals who work in regions or fields that traditionally lack quality medical professionals. The two programs we are aware of:

The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP)
This program will repay as much as sixty percent of the remaining student loan balance. This program is available for professionals who have worked for two years or more in critical shortage facilities.

The National Heath Services Corps awards qualified individuals with up to $35,000 in student loan repayment per year of service.

Law Enforcement Officials Student Loan Forgiveness Program
The vision and mission of most law enforcement agencies is, “To serve and to protect.” When you make a decision to serve and protect your community, the government will return the favor by paying down your Perkins student loan. Your loan will be cancelled if you serve full time as a qualifying law enforcement or corrections officer.

The US Military Student Loan Forgiveness Program
The military is known for its wide range of money-saving benefits, but although it provides them, it is not know for its student loan forgiveness programs. The Armed Forces student loan forgiveness program will repay as much as $2,500 worth of student loans to borrowers who served between 9/11/01 and 6/30/06.

Even the National Guard offers a student loan forgiveness program that will repay as much as $10,000 worth of student loans to every individual that qualifies.

How to Find More Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
We shared some of the most popular student loan forgiveness programs. There are literally hundreds of these types of student loan forgiveness programs for various specialties. To find them, for starters, contact your company’s HR department and inquire about the programs for your industry.

Contact local volunteer organizations in your community and ask about student loan forgiveness programs. And don’t forget to search The Student Loan Whiz website. You could very easily save yourself or a friend thousand dollars in Student Loan Debt!

Brad Matheson is a professional Financial Consultant who specializes in helping businesses and individuals resolve their debt issues. He believes that all debt problems can be solved with the right debt advice and aspires to help Americans learn all of their debt options and exercise all of their rights. Says, Matheson, “Don't allow the Student Loan Debt crisis or a Defaulted Student Loan to hinder or block your career aspirations or stymie your financial dreams, There is Student Loan Help available!”