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Books on Obtaining a College Scholarship


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There are a lot of books written on the subject of college scholarship programs.

These writings cover everything from sources of college scholarships, eligibility requirements, deadlines to apply and how to prepare for the initial application and interview.

If you haven’t picked up at least two reputable books on the subject, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

If you are serious about acquiring a college scholarship, check out our top picks…

We advise you to avoid books written about college scholarship programs that guarantee your success if you purchase their book.

Most of these books are over priced hype; normally costing around $37 and up. One of the resources that comes highly recommended is the book on college scholarships by Ben Kaplan.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker and best selling author, Ben Kaplan was a 16-year-old Oregon high school student searching for a way to afford the college of his dreams.

He decided to take a chance by meticulously researching and applying for over three-dozen college scholarships.

The result: In little over a year, he had amassed nearly $90,000 in college cash. Can you imagine that? Having ninety grand to cover your college expenses?

Needless to say, that amount was enough to cover virtually the entire cost of attending Harvard. In the process, Kaplan discovered how determination, ingenuity, and bold action could empower an individual to achieve success in even the most challenging situations.

We thank Ben for making his steps to college scholarship success available to every current and aspiring student. You should have at least two of these top choices to fast track your college scholarship goals.


Much success to you from the Student Loan Whiz.

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